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Jersey is undergoing a crisis of democracy and justice after centuries of rule by a cosy and exclusive elite. Precipitated by the scandal of decades of concealment of child abuse, the crisis is rapidly approaching a tipping point where the reluctant UK government will have no choice but to exercise its constitutional responsibility to intervene (as recently happened in the Turks and Caicos Islands) to restore the rule of democracy, good governance and an effective and fair judicial system.

Dissident Jersey Senator Stuart Syvret is the leading voice in articulating the need for change. His blog, which has attracted over 200,000 readers in less than two years, has become the most influential source of news and information on the island, where all the traditional media outlets routinely suppress embarrassing news and promulgate establishment spin under the control and direction of the oligarchy.

To those readers new to the Jersey issues, Senator Syvret's blog can appear daunting at first - postings often chronicle detailed and complicated evidence of corruption and abuse, and they may attract 400 or more comments, sometimes including responses from Senator Syvret that themselves contain substantive information. Justice for Jersey aims to simplify access to Stuart Syvret's blog by providing a Who's Who of some of the individuals who are frequently mentioned in his blog, and by highlighting some key moments from among the Senator's postings, which numbered 225 by 26 September 2009.

Who's Who

Sir Philip Bailhache - Bailiff of Jersey until June 2009 (brother of the William) Picture

William Bailhache QC - Attorney General (brother of Philip) Picture

Marnie Baudains - Directorate Manager of Social Services who called for the sacking of Stuart Syvret as minister - for speaking out about child protection service failures.

Michael Birt - Bailiff of Jersey since June 2009 Picture

Chris Bright
Editor of the JEP Picture

Denzil Dudley - BBC Jersey Editor famous for saying "the BBC does not host political debates - in case it might influence decision-makers"

Mick Gradwell  Police Superintendent brought in to take over the abuse inquiry after the retirement of Lenny Harper. Involved with Warcup in fact-free campaign to trash Harper's work and reputation. Picture

Lenny Harper - former Deputy Chief Constable, States of Jersey Police. Since his retirement in 2008, the Jersey establishment has mounted a campaign of vilification against him and his investigation in to the allegations of abuse at Haut de la Garenne children's home. The purpose of this campaign appears to be to allow them to abandon attempts to prosecute alleged abusers and blame it on the `incompetence' of Harper's investigation. Picture

John Hemming     Liberal Democrat MP and campaigner for justice in Jersey.   Picture

Jersey Evening Post
The only newspaper on Jersey. A vehicle for Jersey establishment spin. Historically associated with wartime collusion with the occupying Nazis. (The Channel Islands were the only UK territory to be occupied by the Nazis during WW2.) Picture

Senator Terry Le Sueur - Chief Minister of Jersey (lots of people in Jersey have French-sounding surnames)  Picture

Mario Lundy, Director of Education, Sport and Culture. The subject of a police investigation into accusations of physical abuse when he worked at one of Jersey's children's homes. Despite the investigation, the authorities refused to suspend him. Picture

Emma Martins, Jersey's Data Protection Commissioner, claimed by SS to have manipulated and falsely applied the data protection law in an effort to protect named individuals, and as part of a coordinated action of political oppression against him. (Daughter of Bergerac star John Nettles.) picture

Dave Minty, Police officer leading the investigation against Stuart Syvret, with some enthusiasm it is said. According to SS, "he is also the very self-same police officer who has been furnished with evidence – and extremely well informed witnesses – to the effect that a Minister of the States of Jersey has criminally abused his position to take kick-backs for supporting planning developments." picture

Tom McKeon, Director of Education before Lundy. Also subject to allegations of physical abuse of children in care. Now retired and living in Australia. Picture

Carrie Modral   A spokesperson for the Jersey Care Leavers' Association  Video

Bill Ogley - Chief Executife of the States of Jersey (the most senior civil servant, who destroyed hand-written minutes of the meeting to suspend the police chief before Mr Power had agreed that they were accurate) Picture

Senator Philip Ozouf - Minister for Treasury and Resources. The establishment's Chief Minister in waiting. Picture

Graham Power - Chief Constable, States of Jersey Police. Suspended for investigating child abuse while child abusers remain in senior posts.  Picture

Matthew Price - BBC Radio Jersey Editor  Picture

Rob Shipley - Deputy Editor of the JEP

Jack Straw  Labour MP and Minister for Justice, former radical politician who has supported corruption and cover-up in Jersey by his failure to intervene.   Picture

Senator Stuart Syvret       Picture Video
Anti-establishmentv Jersey Senator and former minister of Health and Social Services, who was sacked for uncovering the catastrophic breakdown of child protection services. The leading campaigner for justice for Jersey's abuse survivors and author of ground-breaking blog with over 200,000 readers.

States Members  An ingenious attempt to rank States' members according to their degree of political allegiance to the establishment Tony the Prof's Blog

Turks and Caicos Islands. A British territory in the Caribbean. The UK assumed direct rule in August 2009 after allegations of corruption. Unlike in Jersey, the ruling elite are mainly black. Story

Senator Frank Walker - Former Chief Minister of Jersey. Famously accused Stuart Syvret of trying to shaft Jersey internationally.  Picture

David Warcup - Deputy Chief Constable recruited on the retirement of Lenny Harper. Swiftly appointed Acting Chief Constable after the oligarchy conspired to suspend Graham Harper. Complicit with Gradwell in the fact-free campaign against Lenny Harper.   Picture
To come: Bridget Shaw, Stephen Baker

Selected Postings from Stuart Syvret's Blog

Letter from Exile: #9 (23 December 2009)
Stuart publishes a notebook entry made by Chief Constable Graham Power on 25 July 2007 in which the now suspended Chief of Police records a meeting at which Bill Ogley, along with other senior civil servants, attempted to draw him into a conspiracy to remove Senator Syvret from the post of Health Minister because of his criticism of child protection failures.

This incident is one of three `disastrous breakdowns in public administration' covered in this posting. The other two are: the failure in 1999 to properly investigate the well evidenced allegations of murder of patients  by `Nurse M'; and the actions of  Attorney General William Bailhache in failing to prosecute alleged child abusers on the basis of `independent' legal advice.

Is this the beginning of the end for Jersey's 800 year old oligarchy?

For those new to Stuart Syvret's blog, this posting would be a good way to cut to the chase.

Blogpatrol counter: 246,408 readers at 1825 on 24/12/09

Letter from Exile: #8 (9 December 2009) 
A wide-ranging critique of the way Jersey has been governed over the last 20 years, and indeed over the last 800 years. Stuart promises some major revelations in his next posting. (420 comments)

Letter from Exile: #7 (1 December 2009)
Stuart announces he is joining the Conservative Party. (You can believe that if you want to.) He quotes from David Cameron in the JEP. Despite clearly acknowledging the source, one of his opponents wades in and accuses Stuart of plagiarism, a neat illustration of the intellectually challenged nature of some of his enemies. (162 comments)

Letter from Exile: #6 (27 November 2009)
Stuart's Response to the publication of the Chapman Report, the establishment's attempt to characterise as bullying his blog exposure of the role of certain public employees in covering up systemic child abuse. However, the report recommends that  "it is the responsibility of the SEB (States of Jersey Employment Board)  as the employer to refute publicly any... allegation that is made in clear, unequivocal and firm but moderate language that the allegation is baseless". At the time of writing (14/12/09) no such defence has been made. Given that no individual (public employee or otherwise) named by Stuart has taken legal against him to clear their name of  the alleged libellous comments, it seems reasonable to infer that the individuals are `guilty as charged'. (219 comments)

The Chapman Report, September 2009

Letter from Exile: #5 (21 November 2009)
Proposed amendment to Jersey's data protection law is designed to crush dissent. This posting also includes a brief outline of 9 of Stuart's charges against the establishment. (174 comments)

Letter from Exile: #4 (10 November 2009)

Stuart uses his trademrk satirical humour against the Jersey oligarchy, a weapon to which they have no answer. His satire contains new revelations too - the challenge for the reader is to figure out which bits are true. No doubt all will be revealed in the fullness of time.

This posting also has an additional important comment from Stuart (88th comment) where he states clearly his reason for naming alleged mass-murderer Nurse M (posting of 19 March 2009), the act that has got him into so much trouble with the Jersey authorities, and which may yet precipitate their demise. And in his comment posted at 04:29 on Friday 20 November Stuart challenges Andrew Charles Marolia to a fight!

AG v Syvret hearings transcript

Letter from Exile:  #1 (24 October 2009)

Under threat of arrest, Stuart is now in London seeking legal asylum. Story (Mail Online) Channel TV Interview

On the Art of Forgetting (21 October 2009)

 Stuart e-mails the Jersey judicial establishment to explain his non-appearance in court. A warrant for his arrest is subsequently issued.

The Jersey Authorities (5 October 2009)
An evidenced examination of the conduct of Bill Ogley, Jersey's Chief Civil Servant.


Carrie Modral's Press Statement (13 September 2009)
The full text of the press statement issued by Carrie Modral on behalf of the Jersey Care Leavers' Association. She states clearly that Jersey's abuse survivors had faith in the investigation when it was led by Lenny Harper, but no longer do so.

Lenny Harper's Guest Posting (5 September 2009)
Former Deputy Police Chief Lenny Harper responds to the campaign against him by the JEP, Warcup and Gradwell. He exposes their lies. A man of taste as well as integrity, Lenny has chosen Scotland as his retirement home.

The Jersey Evening Press. (24 August 2009)
An expose of the role of the JEP ( `The Rag') in conspiring to conceal the abuse of children in Jersey.

Child Abuse in Jersey (19 August 2009)
How the media in Jersey use distortions, lies, manipulations and smears and how they are orchestrating a campaign against Lenny Harper in order to deny the abuse survivors justice.

William Bailhache's Prosecution Service (8 July 2009)
Syvret arrested and charged for telling the truth. Eleven child rapists and batterers to be let off.

Culture of Concealment 2009 (25 June 2009)
Child protection in Jersey is still failing

The McGuires' Political Protector (7 June 2009)
How a notorious abusing couple have been protected by a member of the Jersey establishment.

Jersey Child Torturers (3 June 2009)
How the Attorney General let off notorious abusers to protect his oligarchy friends.

No Child Abuse in Jersey? (10 May 2009)
Includes the full text of the Sunday Times investigation.

Phil Bailhache (28 April 2009)
"Phil & Bill are neo-Victorians – men who believe it is still 1898 – and that we, the scumbag, uppity proles, should simply defer to them – as our ‘social superiors’."

Straight Policing in Jersey (22 April 2009)
Investigation by the Mail on Sunday

Blog Under Attack (8 April 2009)  
Come to Sunny Jersey! The North-Korea of the English Channel!

Arrested (6 April 2009)
Jersey police under political control - Stuart Syvret arrested.

Safe in Their Hands (19 March 2009)
The two judges who sat at the hearing in London were seriously compromised: Tugendhat - an appeal court judge in Jersey appointed by Philip Bailhache; Richards - his objectivity open to doubt as he has recently been acquitted of allegations of sex crime.

A Mass-Murderer (19 March 2009)

A police report from 1999 into the investigation of a suspected hospital muderer (think Beverley Allitt, Howard Shipman) on Jersey. The report was sent to then Attorney General (now Bailiff) Michael Birt who decided against prosecution. Stuart Syvret, on the other hand, was charged with data protection offences for publishing this information. But the fact remains that the AG chose not to act on a police report containing  detailed and credible evidence. Judge for yourself.

Lenny vs the States of Jersey (5 March 2009)
The Jersey oligarchy forge an e-mail from Lenny Harper in order to discredit him.

The Chief Constable of the Jersey Police Force (22 January 2009)
How Chief Constable Graham Power was unlawfully suspended and the convenient destruction of the record of the suspension meeting by Bill Ogley.

A Christmas Quest for Facts (21 December 2008)
The story so far.

Jersey: Child Abusers Remain Free (4 December 2008)
 Child abusers remain free and working in well-paid public jobs; those who concealed abuse face no justice; Stuart Syvret is threatened with the law for exposing abusers.

Howard League Report on Jersey Youth Justice System (14 November 2008) urges island to sign up to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

37 Questions for Officers Warcup and Gradwell (13 November 2008)
Syvret identifies 37 unanswered questions in Warcup and Gradwell's attempted trashing of Lenny Harper. At the time of writing (September '09) all of these questions are still awaiting an answer.

The Haut de la Garenne Investigation and Related Matters (12 November 2008)
Warcup and Gradwell's press conference attempts an unprecedented attack on Harper's investigation. Chief Constable Power is unlawfully suspended.

Tom McKeon and Mario Lundy (1 October 2008)
Education chiefs exposed as abusers.

Child Abuse in Jersey (17 September 2008)
Transcript of BBC South West interview with Lenny Harper on the obstruction he faced from the Jersey establishment.

Support is Not There from Large Majority of Politicians  (9 September 2008)
You can't read the views of Lenny Harper in the Jersey media, but you can in Guernsey.

The Sharp Report (29 August 2008)
An expert, independent enquiry into the concealment of child abuse in Jersey – during the 1990s. 
The report itself is here 

The Secret Report from Lenny Harper (27 August 2008)
Attorney General Bailhache refuses to prosecute two abuse suspects. Lenny Harper goes public on the obstruction he has faced in brnging suspects to trial.

The Good Administration of Justice #2 (8 August 2008)
Why Jersey cannot adminster justice in the child abuse disaster.



  1. A very proffessional looking Blog where you have put in alot of work.

    The atrocity's that have been and are being committed over here need to be exposed to as wide an audience as possible, we have an out of control government, civil service and media.

    Speaking of which I believe Denzil Dudley and Matthew Price of our local BBC need a mention in your list. They are from the same mould as Chris Bright and Rob Shipley. There are more "Journalists" that need a mention but there's a few to be getting on with.

  2. While I appreciate your good intentions and the effort you have put in, I'm not sure that your blog really adds anything to Stuart's, which already has a search and archive. What is missing from Stuart's blog is a thorough keyword index. It would be useful if you could build one of those instead (there are probably programs around that will do most of the work for you).

    If you want to search Stuart's blog for a particular term, you can use the Search function. Note that if you also want to search the comments, you need to use Google search, for example:

    ogley site:

    On another note: you seem to have inherited one of the more unfortunate tendencies of Stuart's blog, which is gratuitous personal insults against political opponents. I find that puerile and it distracts from the debate.

    Do you know Chris Bright? What do you mean when you describe him as 'Ironically named editor of the JEP'? Do you mean that his parents named him ironically, or that it's ironic that he was named editor of the JEP because he isn't, or that he is somehow unintelligent because he is deemed to be an enemy of Stuart's, or Stuart's causes? Okay, it was the last one, wasn't it.

    How does that help the political debate? It just turns away otherwise sympathetic readers who want to know what the issues are but don't like playground mudslinging. It also means that you are descending to the same level as the people who use smears and innuendo against Stuart and others who raise legitimate political issues.

    I would prefer it if you kept to the debate and concentrated on the technology. However, I might be in a minority since a lot of people seem to enjoy the bear-baiting that passes for political comment on a lot of blogs.

    Otherwise, good luck!

  3. VoiceforChildren - thanks for your comments and I will try to add the names you suggest.

  4. Rob

    You are absolutely right. I had doubts about that myself, and that was one of my reasons for seeking this sort of feedback.

    I readily accept my blog doesn't add anything to Stuart's, because it's entirely derived from it. But while you can search Stuart's blog as you point out, you have to know what you are looking for, so I still think there could be a role for mine.

    Zoompad has suggested a timeline, which I think is a good idea. Anyone out there want to give me a few dates to get started?

  5. Your "picture" of David Minty isn't him.

  6. You say you are a teacher - rings true (howard league and all that- yawn). Not to careful with your research though. The picture you have of "Dave Minty" is of a Police INspector in Wiltshire, nothing to do with Jersey????? I do not know them, but you should not put peopl's pictures up unlwess you have bothered to check their indentity